Increasing sophistication of the consumer palate creates an opportunity for industry to market higher-quality, premium and innovative baked goods at different price levels.

Many surveys showed that majority of consumers enjoy trying new varieties of products. “Growth in the market is being driven by more versatile and interesting product varieties such as ethnic, healthy portfolio.”
Along the years, the company created several very special products according to the market needs. Because of today’s more sophisticated culinary outlooks, consumers are recognizing premium and products on food service menus and in supermarkets.
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Original bakery product portfolio

A huge varieties according to customers ‘needs from bakery improvers, sourdoughs, special premixes for bread, rolls, biscuits and fine baked goods, flavourings, fillings and bread spices to seed mixes, releasing agents are available to choose from.

With many of them are reformulated to fit to market needs in high quality, produced from regional raw materials and with great care.

Artisan, traditional varieties

Consumption of artisan goods continues to climb. Consumers are attracted to homey comfort foods that give the illusion, at least for one meal, of a slower, more leisurely lifestyle - and they're willing to pay the extra buck for them.
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With our wide-ranging, high quality, easy to use portfolio for professional bakers and patissiers to help them achieve exactly the right product characteristics and consistently meet their customer’s expectations.

Our ingredients guarantee creating attractive, indulgent, consistent, high quality goods and enable them to streamline the baking process, for increasing customers’ satisfaction.
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The OOH industry is opting out to seek convenient solutions particularly for desserts and savouries.

Our company goal is to provide chefs with the solutions to respond to their needs through products that can intensify flavour, aroma and harmony to each dish, highlighting the talent and experience of the chef in subtle and efficient ways.

We also offer healthy options besides the traditional ones and ethical food varieties, etc.
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Foods that are focused on health and diet have found a new lease of life, with seeded breads, diet or low calorie products performing especially well. Some categories have reported growth of up to 20%. This means that consumers happily try out and move over to alternative products types.

The key words (low carb, rich in fibre, low sodium, etc. that consumers associated with healthy diet.

Our product with health and nutritious benefits are having a great taste/sensory profile.

Low carb and high protein with great taste profile

Over the last 30 years, global obesity rates have doubled. Unsurprisingly, almost half of consumers from all age groups are trying to lose weight. Many of these consumers are actively looking for products which help them manage their weight.

We offer complex solutions for the weight management for everybody such as, etc. bakery, confectionary, food service, food supplement, etc.:

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